Maritime Washington Grant Program: Current Grantee Portal

This portal is designed for recipients of the Maritime Washington Grant Program who were awarded grants in June 2024 or later. If you are a recipient of this grant program, we suggest you bookmark this page.

If you are a recipient of an interpretation grant from the Maritime Washington Grant Program from the 2023 application cycle, please reference our 2023 Interpretation Grantee Portal linked here. If you are not a recipient of the Maritime Washington Grant Program, you can learn more about these funding opportunities—including when applications next open—here.

For additional questions, please contact us at [email protected].

Grant Program Checklist for Grant Recipients

This checklist is provided for grant recipients to print or save immediately after being notified that they have been awarded a grant. Grantees can then follow the progress of their grant project while checking off the program requirements from grant contracting to project completion/reimbursement.

During Your Grant Project

*This document is designed to help you keep track of the expenses and in-kind donations made throughout the life of your grant-supported project. Use this sheet or a similar budget tracking sheet throughout the project to submit along with your reimbursement request.

Request Reimbursements & Project Completion

Please note that you will need to submit a completed Grant Expenses Tracking Sheet (linked above under “During Your Grant Project”) as part of your completion report and/or reimbursement request.

After Your Grant Project Concludes

Congratulations on completing your grant project! Help spread the news of your success by sharing with your community, local press, and federal legislators. Not only will this help bring attention to your important work, but it will also help Maritime Washington advocate for additional funding for maritime heritage projects like yours.

The mission of the Maritime Washington National Heritage Area is to support a network that strengthens the maritime community and connects people with the stories, experiences, resources, and cultures of our state’s saltwater shores and waterways. The Maritime Washington Grant Program is one of the ways in which we are working to achieve this mission. To learn more about the other ways in which we are working to achieve this mission, please explore our website: