Become a Partner

Working together to raise all boats: a network to connect, strengthen, and increase appreciation for Washington’s maritime heritage.

National Heritage Areas are based on partnerships: bringing together a range of Tribes, organizations, businesses, and governments around heritage resources and stories.

We all know that strong relationships are key to accomplishing our missions and tackling larger visions for our saltwater shores; however, we also know that many organizations lack the time and resources to collaborate effectively. Many of us also struggle to reach broader audiences for our work, making it difficult to communicate the value and importance of Washington’s maritime heritage—past, present, and future.

That’s where the Maritime Washington network comes in. We’re here to connect you with other organizations, with a wider audience for maritime heritage, and with more resources to advance your goals. Join us in our mission to build a network that strengthens the maritime community and connects people with the stories, experiences, resources, and cultures of our state’s saltwater shores and waterways.

How do I join?

If you’re interested in becoming a partner, you’ll need to fill out a (short!) application form to tell us a bit about your organization. After reviewing your application, we’ll reach out to you to discuss a partnership fee and provide a link for payment. Then we’ll get you set up with the partner listserv and newsletter, share upcoming workshops, provide you with the “partner of” logo, and discuss how Maritime Washington can best promote your upcoming events, programs, and priorities.

Questions? Contact Alex Gradwohl, Program Director, at [email protected].

What is the partner network?

The Maritime Washington partner network is a cross-sector group that rallies together around the preservation and interpretation of our state’s rich maritime heritage. Any organization (private or public, for-profit or nonprofit), government entity, or Tribe whose work is aligned with Maritime Washington is invited to join us.

What are the benefits?

  • Networking support, including access to communication platforms with other partners, network-wide meetings and roundtable discussions, facilitated introductions.
  • Education and learning opportunities through regular best practice workshops and topical affinity groups (beginning in 2024).
  • Partners-only newsletter with curated trainings, educational resources, and funding opportunities.
  • Increased visibility and promotion of your programs, events, and accomplishments on Maritime Washington social media, newsletters, website, and other communication channels.
  • Use of exclusive “Partner of Maritime Washington” logo on your own materials and facilities.
  • Recognition on Maritime Washington website, materials, and local events.
  • Messaging toolkits to help tie your work into region-wide issues and narratives.

What are the expectations?

  • Short application explaining how your work is aligned with the Maritime Washington mission.
  • Maintain good participation by attending workshops and network-wide meetings, participating in affinity groups, collaborating on projects, and/or amplifying messaging.
  • Complete a brief annual partner survey.
  • Pay a modest annual fee (ranging from pay-what-you-can to $500) based on your organization type and size.

What are the fees?

Anchor Organizations from Management Planning—no fee for 2023!

Local, state, and federal government entities/agencies, Tribal governments

  • More than 500 employees: $500 per year
  • 100-500 employees: $300 per year
  • Fewer than 100 employees: $150 per year
  • National Park Units and others under Secretary of the Interior: no fee (as partner program of NPS)

For-profit maritime businesses and destination marketing organizations

  • Annual budget greater than $1 million: $500 per year
  • Annual budget $300,000 to $1 million: $300 per year 
  • Annual budget less than $300,000: $150 per year

Nonprofit organizations

  • Annual budget greater than $1 million: $250 per year
  • Annual budget $300,000 to $1 million: $150 per year
  • Annual budget less than $300,000: $75 per year
  • All-volunteer organizations: pay what you can

*Please note: so that budget size is not a barrier to participation, we can offer alternative solutions for partnerswho are unable to pay this annual fee! Please reach out to Program Director Alex Gradwohl [email protected] to discuss.*